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Service Your Pumps with FTTI & Save

Our Expertise

We have the experience to service, repair pumps, and/or supply parts (fluid ends, power ends, and crank shafts) for all of the brands listed: Aqua Dyne, Butterworth, FMC, Gardner Denver (GD Energy Products), GASO/Wheatley, Hammelmann, Jetstream, Kamat, Kerr, Myers/Aplex, National, NLB, Oilwell, Partek, Tritan, Union, and Weatherford
Our expertise to repair crankshafts expands to many industries (i.e. industrial water blasting, diesel, automotive, high performance, tractor, marine, train, and many more.)

Our Targeted Industries 

Contact FTTI today to see how we can help you if your company specializes in one of the following industries: 
Automotive, Chemical, Food Preparation, Hydro Demolition, Hydro Excavation, Industrial, Mining, Oil (Brine Disposal and Oil Field Flooding), Power, Refineries, Ship Yard, Steel, Aluminum, Powdered Metal Manufacturing, Cement Manufacturing, Environmental Remediation and Water Jetting / Blasting.

Pump Related Items

Other items that we distribute are pump filters, pump filter housings, pump oil lubricators, VFDs, suction stabilizers, accumulators and much more. (More information under the 'Products' page)

Services Image Gallery 

Below are some pump models and parts that we sell or service 

Crank Repair 

Fluid End Repair (Gaso)

Fluid End Repair (Wheatley)

Remanufactured Pump (Gardner Denver)

Remanufactured Pump (GASO)

Remanufactured Pump (Kamat)

Remanufactured Pump (NLB)

Remanfactured Pump (Wheatley)

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